Dechao Tian

Associate Professor, Biostatistics and Computational BiologySchool of Public Health (Shenzhen)
Sun Yat-sen University Email: tiandch@mail.sysu.edu.cn (Work)            dechaotian@gmail.com (Personal)Wechat: infoiskeyOfficial website hosted at the Sun Yat-sen UniversityGoogle ScholarTwitter

Welcome to Tian Lab! I am an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health (Shenzhen) in Sun Yat-Sen University. Our group started at August, 2020.

Our research lies in the intersection between Mathematics/Statistics and Biomedicine/Public Health. Our main focus is to develop statistical and machine learning algorithms to address emerging computational challenges in analyzing big and heterogeneous data in biomedicine and precision health, in turn, to improve health for each of us, and all of us. Recent interests include three-dimensional (3D) nuclear genome organization, foodborne outbreak detection, polio outbreak detection. 

Our long-term goal in the area of 3D genome organization is to understand the connections between genome structural organization and genome biological functions and their functional roles in human diseases. We employ network theory as the backbone to integrate and analyze 3D genome organization data and multi-omics data.

3D genome organization

Outbreaks cause huge public health burden. In the area of precision health, one promising solution is to utilize big data, including Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS) data and linked epidemiological data, to speed up outbreak detection, investigation, and prevention. To this end, we use advanced statistical and machine learning models. We are interested in polio, Listeria outbreaks, and Salmonella outbreaks.