Celebrating graduation of MS students Dunming Hua and Ming Gu and Bachelor student Jiahui Tan Taken on June 2023

Celebrating graduation of M.S. Dunming Hua (left four) and Ming Gu (left six) and bachelor student Jiahui Tan (left one). Taken on June 2023.
Dunming Hua → CFDA@Shanghai;
Ming Gu → biotech startup@Shanghai;
Jiahui Tan → McGill University as a Master student.
I hope you all have a happy face every day, throughout the years.

Celebrating graduation of Yanyi Du. Taken on May 2022
A successful defense of Yanyi’s Master degree in Public Health. Photo taken on May 2022
Celebrating paper accepted by RECOMB 2022
First lunch gathering at Oct 17, 2020 since the lab was officially started at August 2020