Principal Investigator

Dechao Tian

Associate Professor in the School of Public Health (Shenzhen)

Mathematical Statistician (2019.04-2020.03), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (SIMSO team)
Postdoc (2015.04-2019.03) in Computational Biology, Carnegie Mellon University (with Jian Ma)
Ph.D. (2010-2015) in Statistics, National University of Singapore (with Kwok Pui Choi)
M.Sc. (2009-2011) in Mathematical Statistics and B.S (2005-2009) in Applied Mathematics, Northeast Normal University

Graduate Students

Xiao Zhang

BS, Southwest Jiaotong University (2021)
Interests:  machine learning in graphs 

Hangcheng Xie

BM, Southern Medical University (2021)
Interests: genomic epidemiology

Qiqiao Zhang

BS, Minzu University of China (2022)
Interests: spatial genome organization

Yue Zhang

BS, Jilin University (2022)
Interests: spatial genome organization

Ling Li

BS, Department of Mathematics, Nanjing Agricultural University (2023)
Interests: statistical learning for 3D chromatin organization

Chenxiang Li

BS,School of Mathematics, Southwest Jiaotong University(2023)
Interests: deep learning for public health


Yanyi Du

BS, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (2020)
Ms in Public Health, SYSU (2022)
Current Position: Lecture in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies South China Business College

Dunming Hua

BS, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (2020)
Outstanding Graduates of the School of  Life Sciences in 2020
MS in Epidemiology and Health Statistics, SYSU (2023)
Current Position: Center for Medical Device Evaluation, National Medical Products Administration

Ming Gu

BS,  China Pharmaceutical University (2018)
MS in Epidemiology and Health Statistics, SYSU (2023)
Current Position: Aureka Biotechnologies, Shanghai

Jiahui Tan 

School of Public Health (Shenzhen), Sun Yat-sen University (2018)

Current: Graduate student at McGill University